Moving Resources – Documents, Check Lists, & Tips

A moving company is more than a truck and a few strong bodies. It's also much more than just a service provider, because when you put your faith in these people to handle your lifelong possessions like they would with their own, a bond forms. US-1 Van Lines realizes the emotional and financial connection people have with their belongings and will make certain nothing bad happens.

US-1 Van Lines also offers an abundance of moving resources before the relocation is even underway. This will guarantee that you will be prepared for the move and when combined with our extensive preparation, we have as close to a perfect move as possible.

Moving resources includes:

A few of things all potential movers should be aware of prior to moving are:

We don't want you to be upset with any aspect of your move, so we eliminate any worry by giving you all the pertinent information related to your relocation. US-1 Van Lines is a genuine moving company that always puts our customer's interests before our own. In an on-going effort to further inform our existing and future clients we maintain a “Moving Blog” where we publish helpful moving articles.