Packing & Unpacking Moving Boxes

Packing & Unpacking Services

Packing & unpacking is easily the most tedious part of any move. Doing it right is crucial to a smooth, organized move.

We Have Several Packing & Unpacking Service Options

Packing Options

Full Packing Service

To insure that your relocation is handled with total professionalism which can minimize the chances for damages, US-1 Van Lines recommends purchasing our full service package. This package includes complete packing services, disassembling of all standard furniture, along with professional wrapping and loading. If you choose the full service package, our packing team will begin a day or two before your moving date to guarantee that all items are ready to be loaded onto the truck at the start of moving day.

Partial Packing Service (Our Most Popular Option)

A large number of our customers like to do their own packing. US-1 Van Lines can help pack your boxes from portions of the home such as the kitchen, TVs and mirrors to ensure your more fragile items are properly packed.

Do-It-Yourself Packing

Should you decide to pack your items personally we suggest you ask for our advice on the proper packing materials needed. We sometimes see consumers use improper boxes that cannot hold the weight of the items inside, which result in broken boxes and damaged goods. US-1 Van Lines uses the highest quality packing supplies. For customer convenience we carry a full line of packing supplies that can be purchased before your moving date and are always available on the last minute as well.

If you do not use all the supplies you ordered, we will grant a full refund on the day of your move for any returned supplies in good condition. We even deliver your order to your home at no extra charge in limited areas. Please ask your moving consultant if you qualify for a free delivery.

Unpacking Options

Full Unpacking Service

With this option you just sit back and relax. We will assemble all standard furniture and place it where you want it, unpack each box, placing all the items for you to put away, and haul away all the empty, unpacked boxes.

Partial Unpacking Service

For moving customers who want to save some money, this option suits them better than the Full Unpacking. We will place your furniture where you want it, unpack some of the boxes and places the remaining unpacked boxes in the right room(s). As with the Full Unpacking option, we haul away all empty boxes.

Do-It-Yourself Unpacking (Our Most Popular Option)

Most of our customers like this option because they can unpack at their own pace. We just unload and place every box in the right room, place your furniture where you tell us to and let you do the rest.