Residential Moving Checklist

Some people think moving is really easy but, when they are already in the actual situation, they usually feel lost and don’t know what to do. The whole family can be stressed out because of the move. There are so many things that an adult has to oversee like pets, children and the thought of leaving everything behind. Starting a new life elsewhere can be daunting but the move itself is the worst aspect of all. To make things easier, you have to make a moving checklist.

In recent years, many families have moved to new homes particularly during summer. This is the ideal period because the children are on vacation. During the move, you have to be organized and you must learn to control your temper. According to studies, moving is quite stressful and it’s next to having a death in the family. If you are not sure about handling all the moving tasks on your own, you can always check out the available local movers in your area. Finding a reputable and competent local moving company can be hard but with a bit of research, you can get the needed help from the professionals.

Even if you are working closely with a local moving company, you will have to create a checklist. The checklist should be divided into periods – one month before moving, two weeks, one week, a day before the move, moving day and the arrival. Dividing the tasks into these periods will make it easier for you to move.

A month before you move, you have to review all moving arrangements. You have to log all the expense receipts. You can get estimates or quotes from local movers so that you can find the right local moving company. You can also make arrangements for a storage facility. If there is a need to transfer your bank accounts, this is the best time to do it. Don’t forget to submit forms to the postal service for the change of address. If you have kids, you will have to contact the schools and transfer the records. All these things should be included in your checklist.

In about 2 weeks before you move, you can hold a garage sale. You can now arrange for the change of utilities; apply for a disconnection when necessary. Visit your new home and get the exact measurements so that you can already determine the arrangement of the furniture once you arrive. Start packing your things little by little. Don’t buy a lot of perishable items.

A week before, you should already have a complete list of all things that you need to pack. Contact the local moving company to confirm or finalize the arrangements. A day before you move, everything should be packed. You can also get travelers checks when necessary and you have to settle everything especially the financial matters relating to your old home.

local movers make life easier for families and individuals who are planning to move to a new house or apartment. Create your checklist today and divide it into different periods or time frames.