Packing moving box

Moving out this summer? Keeping your belongings intact can be a huge problem especially if you haven’t found the right moving and packaging company, yet. To ensure a smooth move, you will have to choose among the many local residential movers or you can apply the right packing techniques.

According to the US Census Bureau, more and more people are now moving into new homes every year. If your old home is large, there are so many things that you have to pack. Most residential movers want to cut down the costs and one way to save money is to pack your belongings. You will need to get packing boxes, packing paper, knife, scissors, markers, packing tape and bubble wrap or just old newspapers. These are the things that you need before you start packing. Even if you hired a local moving company, you have to pack your belongings to ensure that you don’t leave anything behind.

It would be best to pack things room by room. For instance, you can start packing all the things found inside your kids’ rooms and mark the boxes accordingly. You can also narrow down the contents of the box (e.g. kid’s room – toys, kid’s room – clothes). All boxes should be packed firmly so that shifting can be prevented. This is very important especially if the contents of the box are fragile.

Another tip – never pack heat sensitive or flammable items/goods; this is very important to prevent accidental fire and related accidents. To provide cushioning, you can place layers of paper or bubble wrap at the bottom of the boxes. Make sure that all heavy items are placed at the bottom and you can just add lighter items on top. If the items are extremely heavy, you can place them inside a box that is just the right fit. Mark a separate box or you can just place the immediate items that you need inside a large bag like some clothing, toys, toiletries, telephone, etc.

For the fragile items, you can put towels or linens at the bottom of the box and don’t forget to indicate on the box the word ‘fragile’. When packing yard tools and other items with power, you have to drain the fluids completely to avoid leaks. Once you’ve packed all the things in your home, you can now number the boxes accordingly and create an inventory. That way, when you arrive at the destination, you can just count the boxes and check for missing ones.

Kids are usually stressed out during the move and oftentimes, they are the most troubled. They feel hurt because they need to start out all over again since they are leaving their friends. You can allow them to help during packing and talk to them about why you need to move. Take care of their transfer of school records a month before the move and summer is the ideal time to do this. Tell them that they are going to meet new friends soon.

Enjoy your move with these packing techniques. If you find yourself overwhelmed contact US-1 Van Lines. We would be delighted to help you with your residential or commercial move.