Packing & Unpacking

Are you moving to a new home or perhaps an apartment? Moving is not a fun activity and most of the time, you can hear the family with their endless ‘what ifs’. You need to realize that moving is a serious undertaking and if you want an organized move, you should choose from the best local movers in your area.

You will have to follow a certain procedure to ensure a successful move. You also have to get certain things and materials to help you settle into your new home quickly. You can make use of these great packing tips to make the move stress-free.

To start packing, you will need black markers, papers, masking tape and lots of boxes. You can get the markers from the grocery or educational supply store in your area. The papers will be used for wrapping breakables and you can use old newspapers or used coupon bonds. You can ask your friends or neighbors for unused and old newspapers so that you don’t have to buy them. Why don’t you check out the recycle bin found near mailboxes? Get all the papers found inside the recycle bin marked ‘paper only’. Boxes can be purchased from moving supply stores or you can inquire at local schools if they have unused old boxes. You can ask help from friends and neighbors so that you can move with ease.

If you can find the right local residential moving company, you no longer have to worry about these supplies because the moving company will be the one to provide the needed boxes, papers, etc. You can find many local movers in your area if you simply take your time in researching. The internet is the best place to find the perfect moving company that can cater to your needs. If price is a great consideration, you can always get online moving quotes from different moving companies online.

Here are additional tips for you before you fill in the boxes:

  • Make a move list so that you won’t forget anything. It’s best to place the list in the bath tub (if you have one) because this is usually clean and free from any boxes.
  • Pack your things inside the boxes and not inside trash bags; if others are helping you, they might think that it’s trash and may throw the bags away along with some of your valuables.
  • Use your markers to indicate the contents of the boxes; don’t be too general like for instance, don’t just mark ‘kitchen’ – be specific like ‘kitchen – silverware and dishes’ or perhaps you can make ‘bedroom – comforters and sheets’. By doing so, unpacking will be very easy.
  • Mark all the sides of the boxes for easy recognition.
  • You can pack your TV or stereo last so that you can entertain yourself while packing.
  • Wrap breakables with paper several times.

These are some of the best packing tips that you can use if you are moving to a new house. Pack now!