Moving Stress

Why is it that moving is deemed as stressful? Perhaps, you are one of those who have already experienced this situation and you can testify to this. However, for those who do not have any experience but are planning to move, well check this out.

What are the sources of moving stress?

Some of the biggest reasons for moving stress include:

Fear of the unknown – This is usually experienced by the young ones. However, anyone can experience this especially when you are facing a change in job. At first you may not feel especially comfortable in dealing with the new routines. Nevertheless, you can combat this fear by asking your realtor about everything and everyone else associated to your new place. By getting some information you can have an idea on what to expect in the new place and find time to explore the neighborhood.

Loss of control – You might be upset seeing all your belongings in boxes. If this is the case, it is recommended to control your perception and accept the reality. Instead of entertaining stress, you can focus to make your move a successful one. Part of addressing loss of control is by ensuring the credibility of the moving company that you hire. Make sure that all your possessions are safe during travel. If you are in need of extra manpower to help out, choose reliable people.

Loss of community – Moving means saying goodbye temporarily to your friends and neighbors. It could be somewhat lonely and might make you anxious. You can plan a farewell packing party where you can invite your friends to attend and at the same time you can enjoy partying with them. Before you move give your contact information to everyone so that you can have the chance to communicate even if you are no longer so close with your friends and neighbors.

Overwhelm – being overwhelmed with the numerous tasks to accomplish is one of the common sources of moving stress. This is aggravated by feelings in such a way that you do not even know where to begin your task or how to complete them. The best way to overcome this stress is to make a moving checklist. In this way, you will identify what are the tasks that are completed and those that are not completed.

Time pressures - It is normal when you feel pressured when moving. This is possible if you are rushing from the preparation to the end of the process. As much as possible, you should cram from the start and not in the end. You can delegate some of the tasks to your family members so that you will not have difficulty in accomplishing it. Do not rush yourself by completing the task in one sitting. Do it one stage at a time. Explain to your family members that you need to accomplish all the tasks in the soonest possible time without any pressure. In this way, you can ensure that moving into your new place will be as stress-free as possible.